Case Study

AT&T M2X is a cloud-based fully managed data storage service that facilitates seamless connection between network enabled devices and the Internet of Things.

The Challenge

AT&T approached Citrusbyte with the goal of creating a cloud-based fully managed data storage service that provides the fundamental tools and infrastructure to facilitate development of M2M products and applications.


The primary goals were:

  • Build a developer focused ecosystem that simplifies M2M development and provides data analytics, visualization and management tools.
  • Provide granular access to stored data via a robust RESTful API.
  • Maintain data security at every stage of development and ensure reliable large scale performance.
  • Support a wide array of popular hardware and device languages with M2X client libraries.
  • Design and build a full suite of developer tools and documentation.
  • Establish a business model and build relationships with prospective and early customers.
  • Foster and engage development community by participating in Hackathons, conferences, and existing developer communities.

The Solution

From Zero to Launch — Citrusbyte designed, built and launched the M2X service from the ground up utilizing the latest methods and technologies, and building on top of AT&T’s internal OpenStack cloud platform, Silver Lining.

AT&T M2X Cloud

Design & Program Management — Citrusbyte coordinated design and UI/UX resources, and worked with AT&T internal product managers, legal, marketing, IT, operations, security and compliance departments to develop an overall solution that met all product vision goals, while complying with internal policies and procedures.

AT&T M2X Gears

Implementation — M2X was built for developers by developers. Citrusbyte designed a full-featured RESTful API for the M2X service, and developed 22 open source client libraries, documentation, and examples to encourage developers on all platforms.


Customer Development — Citrusbyte performed all customer development and business case modeling for M2X. Targeting customers to utilize the M2X service in the early stages of development enabled M2X to evolve into a powerful, innovative service.

AT&T M2X Rocket

Ecosystem Visibility — Citrusbyte organized and attended a series of hackathons and events providing M2X with enhanced visibility in the M2M market. Participation in these events helped to grow the user base of M2X during the early stages of development. This growing and active user base provided Citrusbyte and AT&T with invaluable insight in regards to what M2X users want and need from the service.

AT&T M2X Desk

The Result

AT&T M2X Birdi

Citrusbyte, working closely with key stakeholders at AT&T, designed and built a powerful and secure data storage service that simplifies M2M development enabling users to quickly build innovative network enabled products and bring them to market.

M2X has enabled an ecosystem of over 20 billion connected people, processes and data in less than 3 months. On average M2X handles over 200,000 requests per day, storing over 24 million unique data points to date. The service is scaled to grow with the ability to handle millions of requests per day and store billions of unique data points.


A sampling of some of the cutting-edge products enabled by M2X:

AT&T M2X Birdi

A smart air monitor that monitors air quality, everyday health hazards, pollution and emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide so you can stay connected and protected in your home.

AT&T M2X Birdi
AT&T M2X Rescue

An ingenious emergency routing application hatched during an AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon that utilizes intelligent color-changing lighting to direct you out of harms way and first responders to the scene of an emergency. RescueRoute alarms can be triggered by phone or other network enabled sensors that detect an emergency, as location-aware sensors in the building pinpoint your location and illuminate ingress/egress routes.

AT&T M2X Birdi