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What we do

Building your startup from whiteboard to launch

Citrusbyte works with you on the fundamentals of your business, from business & product strategy, to defining first customer interactions and how to measure them. Citrusbyte teams, with their deep understanding of product, design & engineering, will help you get to market and validate your product faster. After launch, we help you source and build your team, ultimately handing-off high-quality, fully-documented code.

Optimizing your business modernize systems and processes

We specialize in rebuilding legacy systems, modernizing aging infrastructure, reducing headcount and optimizing costs. We build lean, agile systems and business processes that increase efficiencies, automate manual workflows and improve your business performance. Concord Music Group hired us to develop their Symphony Platform, which now serves as their primary enterprise-wide planning and distribution service.

Expanding your business growth and enter new markets

We can help you expand your business by designing and developing compelling new products & services. From concept to launch we apply startup style customer development and agile engineering approaches to the development of new products and lines of business. AT&T hired us to help them develop and launch mHealth, their industry leading mobile health platform.

Web Applications

Browser-based applications that give your business an edge. See our case study for
Concord Music Group.

Mobile Applications

Mobile is the fast growing consumer and enterprise software segment — is your company ahead of the curve? See our mobile app for AT&T's mHealth.

mhealth iphone app
Our Tools

We prefer efficient, lightweight tools better suited to address the problem domain. We love to use what other great developers have built, but when necessary, we are not shy about rolling out a few of our own.