We've been designing, building and launching custom solutions for startups and world-class brands since 2007. The selection of work below includes detailed case studies that address our many internal disciplines including engineering, architecture, product design, customer development, product strategy, and product marketing.

AT&T M2X is a Cloud-based fully managed data storage service that facilitates seamless connection between network enabled services and the Internet of Things.
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
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Flatworld Knowledge's competency-based learning platform (iOS and Web) is based on skill acquisition versus time-to completion, allowing each student to move at a pace that fits their individual learning style.
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
A rich ecosystem of web and mobile applications that brings together cutting-edge capabilities in mobility, cloud and security to connect users with health, wellness and clinical data.
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
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Symphony is a custom suite of web applications designed and developed to automate the daily operations of Concord Music Group — the world's largest independent music label.
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
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Score Revolution connects film music rights holders with licensing customers worldwide through a sophisticated music search interface.
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  • Product Design
  • Engineering
The AT&T Developer portal provides developers and their apps with the power of AT&T's extensive API's
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
Face2Face Health provides telemedicine and elearning programs for parents and their children
  • Product Design
Gigit let's you book live music by connecting bands and venues using a smiple, intuitive interface.
  • Product Design

Our clients

  • Village Roadshow
  • AT&T
  • Disney
  • Fox
  • Wieden Kennedy
  • Nike
  • Sony
  • Causecast
  • Sharespost
  • Concord Music Group
  • MySpace
  • Digital Domain
  • Ubisoft
  • Tehelka
  • Score Revolution
  • ad.ly
  • Mothership
  • Mojobaby
  • Oblong
  • Beeing
  • Talentboom
  • Music180
  • DealMakerMedia
  • OpenCandy
  • cPrime
  • Amedeo Wines
  • North Venture Partners
  • Digital Onion
  • PriceBang
  • YoYoMetrics
  • BleuAcre
  • CivicSponsor
  • LeadBucks
  • Project Alert
  • ThisNext
  • CocoDot
  • Dather
  • RoyalCourt
  • QClue
  • RipeTV
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