Score Revolution

Case Study

Score Revolution connects film music rights holders with licensing customers worldwide through a sophisticated music search interface.

The Challenge

Score Revolution needs to provide licensing customers a way to search a large volume of original tracks for those that meet very specific requirements.

For example, a Film Music Producer is looking for an Orchestral score for a movie's opening scenes. Licensing Customers may spend tens of thousands of dollars for the rights to use a track so finding the right music is very important, and the tracks are typically all new and original so it takes a lot of time to discover tracks that may be matches.

Fast Track Browsing

The Solution

Score Revolution gives Licensing Customers access to a powerful and simple web search engine with a few key functionalities: 1) search via keywords 2) search via structured meta-data 3) search by finding similar sounding tracks and 4) search by uploading a track, and finding similar tracks. ScoreRevolution also lets users manage projects, favorite tracks, listen to tracks inside the search engine and request more information about licensing costs.

To power their search engine ScoreRevolution developed a proprietary meta-data management system that allows each track to be manually categorized and tagged with dozens of very specific bits of meta-data. The tracks then can be found within the search interface very simply. The Meta-data management system, and the development of the meta-data hierarchies went through many iterations as the catalogue and challenge of enabling easy search grew.

The similar tracks and "Upload Search" functionality are powered by a custom and unique integration with MoodAgent's music analysis technology. ScoreRevolution is the first and only Music Licensing site to provide this type of functionality.

The Result

Just watch the video to see it in action.