How we work.

Our Approach

From white-boarding new concepts to long-term support, we've developed new applications and architected elegant solutions countless times. Here is a sampling of our process and what we may do in each phase to engineer the right results.

The Citrusbyte Squad

A Squad is a flexibly resourced team working towards a unified objective. A core, dedicated team composed of two Engineers, a Production Designer and a Product Manager are assigned from start to finish. Multiple squads can run in parallel and additional resources are scaled up and down as needed. A blended, cross-functional team means less downtime, better change management and higher velocity.

Citrusbyte Squad

Product Manager

Responsible for the overall product design and delivery, as well as team management.

Engineers × 2

Paired, full stack, senior front and backend engineers using test driven development.

Production Designer

Senior designer responsible for final production grade, pixel-perfect visual assets.

Business Analyst

Uncovers and documents requirements & constraints, interview stakeholders and help define pain points & solutions.

UX Architect

User Experience Architects are responsible for the overall vision of the product and solution design. They guide and oversee the work of the UX and visual design teams from start to finish. Pair heavily with Solutions.

Solutions Architect

Responsible for the overall technical vision and implementation of the product. Oversees team of System Architects and Engineers. Pair heavily with User Experience Architects.

Brand Strategist

Manages the development, initiation and continued marketing. Does market research, psychology and design to build brand architecture, consumer engagement and a plan to build brand loyalty.

Systems Architect

Sr. Engineers with cross-domain expertise, System Architects bridge the gap between business and technology. They lead the systems design and oversee all aspects of the engineering effort.

UX Designer

Works with all aspects of the system that interacts with the user including the interface, graphics, design, etc. to create a cohesive, predictive and desirable designs.Pair heavily with Solutions.

Visual Designer

The Visual Designer creates unique on-brand visual elements and defines the visual expression platform.

Identity Designer

Creates visual aspects that form part of the client's overall branding and manages the perceived emotional image.

Security Engineer

Senior engineer responsible for designing and implementing proper security safeguards.

Growth Hacker

Creative marketer responsible for building a self-perpetuating marketing machine.

DevOps Engineer

Senior engineer responsible for deployment and orchestration of complex infrastructure.

Research & Discovery

1-2 Weeks

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Content and Brand Inventory
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Workshop
  • Technical & Business Requirements
  • Organizational Technical Audit
  • Customer Acquisition Workshop

Product Concepting

1-2 Weeks

  • Brand Workshop
  • Visual Expression Platform
  • Functional Use Cases
  • Moodboards
  • Content Workshop & Organization
  • Business Concepting Workshop
  • User Profiles Definition
  • Launch Planning


1-2 Weeks

  • Marketing Messages
  • User Behavior Models
  • Functional Wireframes
  • Daily Feature Deployment
  • Visual Design
  • Style Guides
  • Visual Asset Production
  • Test Driven Development
  • Content Production
  • Automated User Acceptance Tests
  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive Workflows

Launch Preparations

1-2 Weeks

  • Quality Assurance
  • Content Delivery Hosting
  • Auto Deployment Config.
  • Daily Feature Deployment
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Security Audit
  • Execute Launch

Maintenance & Growth

as needed

  • Upgrade & Support
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Respond to Issues
  • Patch Bugs
  • Hand-off Documentation
  • Develop New Functions

How we will work together

Your Role

With Citrusbyte, you are choosing to work with us as a team. You have the biggest role in the project as the product owner and ultimate decision maker, directly collaborating with a team Citrusbyte assembled for your project's unique needs. Your experience in product design, entrepreneurship, software design & working with engineers will be huge factors in the project velocity, cost and outcome.

Small Teams

Our teams are typically 2 developers, a designer & a product advisor. We know that each project is unique and requires its own mix of talent and specializations so we staff your team accordingly based on your level of expertise and what you want to build.

Direct Collaboration

Your team is composed of the very same designers and engineers that we use in creating our own tools and products, so you work directly with people who can guide your project to success.

Flexible Process

We aren't dogmatic about any specific flavor of “Agile”, but we do believe in the core concepts of working functionality over documentation, good people and teams over rigid process, and letting teams self organize in the manner they feel is best for the success of the project.

No Middlemen

Processes should work for the team and not against it, so we do away with anything that hinders real progress. Everyone on your team provides value to the project. Management ranges from lightweight to nonexistent because we staff you with self-managing teams.