We are the product design experts.

About us

Recruited, not hired We pick teammates.

When putting together a tight-knit team of experts, hiring is dead. We actively seek out developers and designers that we believe have the right expertise and mindset for our team.

Solution designers We build solutions with you.

From product design, planning to delivery. We help you arrive at a solution that not only addresses current needs but one that easily scales to support unanticipated requirements later on, making sure your project gets done right the first time.

Tool builders We use lightweight tools.

They are better suited to address the problem domain. We love to use what other great developers have built, but when necessary, we are not shy in rolling out a few of our own.

Meet the team

Douglas Sokoloff

Business Developement

Jonathan Horowitz

Product Strategy and Design

Gabriel Grimm

Sales Strategist

Alan Rodriguez

Human Resources Manager

Tatiana Barrera

Executive Administrator

The Catalyst

We have seen many great ideas killed because of poor execution by teams that didn't treat their work as craft. We knew we could provide the perfect place for entrepreneurs to come for founder level design and engineering leadership, and where large companies could inject entrepreneurial innovation into their existing product development efforts.


Citrusbyte was founded in 2007 with the mission to become the go-to technology consultancy for building world-class, one of a kind, web applications and web based businesses. We help you build solutions by building a team that best complements the unique needs your project.

Our Approach

The average Citrusbyte developer has more than a decade of professional software design and development experience. Based on the unique needs of your project, a team that has the skills to plan, design and develop your project will be staffed for you to work with. Our experience and expertise will guide you through the process of designing and developing complex software.

Some fun facts

Lines of code written

Caffeine consumed mg

Ping pong matches played

Hand-crafted pixels

Dives in the pool

Magic duels played

Think you're a good fit?

Do you like challenges?

We solve engineering problems for some of the biggest brands in the world, and build out some of tomorrow's most exciting startups. None of what we do is easy but all of it is rewarding.

Do you self-manage?

We hire A+ players only. We give them the freedom to get their job done (that means working where and when you want) and the accountability that inspires them to deliver.

Are you a startup junkie?

We believe that startups are a state of mind. We all pick up the trash and we all contribute to the vision. We mix client work with our own internal products - so you'll never get bored.

If you think you're all of these, then we'd like to get to know you better. Get in touch with us.